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Cuddle Cart is a family based company that designs, engineers, manufactures, operates and manages commercial strollers to malls, zoos, amusement parks, aquariums, and etc worldwide

Our Mission

Aside from providing the best quality products and service, Cuddle Cart is dedicated to ensure families from all over the world are granted an experience they will never forget to cherish with their children. 

Why Choose Us

Cuddle Cart continues to provide our customers with the best products for over 27 years. Since we are a family owned business, we understand the needs of other families, which is why maintaining an excellent customer service is our number one top priority.

Cuddle Cart is known for its well engineered and space efficient design that takes up less retail space. We continue demonstrating innovation as a result of developing our Cuddle Lock App, proving the concept that renters bring the strollers back to the station no matter which:

  • Prevents lost/stolen strollers

  • Prevents strollers laying around in the middle of retail space

  • Prevents free acquired strollers resulting to increased sales

We invent, design, engineer, software develop, operate and manage commercial strollers for shopping center malls, zoos, and theme parks worldwide.

Our Services


Concessionaire Program

About Us

Cuddle Cart is a family based company that has been inventing, designing, engineering, marketing, and operating commercial strollers for shopping center malls, zoos, and theme parks worldwide for over 27 years. Our company was established in 1993 by Kam Katoozian who was inspired to create a space efficient and safe commercial stroller designed by an engineering team with over 20 years of experience. His inspiration came from a time when he wanted to rent a stroller at a mall for his two children, but noticed they were sold out. When he asked guest services about why they don't add more, they replied it was due to a lack of space. As a result, Kam identified the problem and worked towards solving it by creating a space efficient stroller.


Cuddle Cart is different from other commercial strollers for its unique space saving design and automated vending system to handle any outdoor condition. With our products, our clients are now able to park three times as many commercial strollers in their retail spaces. Our unique design was made so that the strollers nest easily to save valuable space. As a result, malls are now able to stock enough carts for peak demand times so their visitors can always get a cart. Kam Katoozian envisioned this so that retailers profit more when shoppers stay longer because their children are comfortable and enjoying themselves.


Kam's son, Kayvon Katoozian, has been involved with the company for over 8 years. Much like his father, Kayvon also brought new creative ideas to Cuddle Cart. His mind was always after how Cuddle Cart can  improve and be more innovative. As a result, he came up with the Cuddle Lock App idea, an app where users can rent a stroller through their mobile device. According to Kayvon, "Everyone has a smartphone. In order to survive as a company, we have to keep up with modern times as well as plan ahead for the future. The most common problem shopping centers have is that many people leave the strollers out in the middle of their retail space. Thanks to our Cuddle Lock app, strollers are brought back to the station no matter what. Either we continue using existing complex old machinery & hardware, or we figure out how we can better serve property owners and families from all over the world." 


Family Owned

Cuddle Cart CC-2 in Use.JPG




The Katoozian family from 20 years ago and now

(Kayvon & Camelia Katoozian listed in both photos)

Cuddle Cart Promotional Photos 10-20-02




(Kayvon Katoozian listed in both photos)

Our Team


Kam Katoozian

Founder &

Chief Executive Officer

camelia picture.png

Kayvon Katoozian

Camelia Katoozian

Director of Marketing &

Business Development

Director of
Public Relations

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Sami Baghban

Developer &

Technical Advisor

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