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For Purchase

This is our only purchasing option perfect for indoor/outdoor shopping centers, zoos, amusement parks, aquariums, etc. 

cuddle cart vending commercial stroller rental system

Cuddle Cart products are the most unique commercial strollers in the world known for its space-saving design and its durable self-serve vended system.


Vending System

The Cuddle Cart Vending System is an unattended self-serve automated vending system dispensing of Cuddle Cart commercial strollers. Rebate is dispensed by the machine automatically upon returning the carts to the station in order to encourage users to return them back. It is designed conveniently to pull the Cuddle Carts out for rent and push them in for return from the same side near the kiosk, taking up less footprint.

  • Built to withstand any outdoor environment (rain, snow & heat)

  • User friendly instructions to rent strollers

  • Accepts cash and all types of credit cards

  • Takes less footprint due to its unique design

  • Available in various models & configurations

  • Remotely administer/monitor your profits via NAYAX

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