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This option is perfect for property owners/managers and franchisees

cuddle lock

Revenue Stream
with no Capital Expense

Cuddle Cart owns, installs, manages, and maintains the stroller rental equipment paying you a share of the revenue.

commercial stroller rentals for children in shopping center malls
cuddle cart commercial stroller rentals in malls, zoos, aquariums, and amusement parks
cuddle cart commercial stroller rentals in shopping center malls
child enjoying cuddle cart stroller
baby enjoying a cuddle cart stroller

We Guarantee Customers Bring Strollers Back to the Station 

We provide a cloud-based platform where customers can rent a commercial stroller through their mobile device. Our Cuddle Lock App is easy to use for our users. They simply use their phone to scan the QR code on the locking device to begin their rental period. Our users understand they're obligated to return the strollers back to the station because their rental does not end unless the stroller is successfully locked.







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Our App/Lock


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Our Strollers

Option 1:

Cuddle Cart offers the option of revenue share meaning we pay you a share of the revenue with no investment required from you

Option 2:

We offer the option of licensing our locks to any of your existing products that will automatically unlock without any attendance in order to start and administrator your own self automated rental business.

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Our App/Lock



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